Multi-Million Dollar Offering
Late Model Large Capacity CNC Machining


Surplus to the Ongoing Operations of 

Baker Hughes

Online Auction Ends: Wednesday, September 15th 2020 at 2:00 (EDT)
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Multi-Location Auction
Oklahoma City, OK; Jacksonville, FL; Houston, TX; Harvey, LA



Oklahoma City, OK

CNC Whirling/Milling Machine
Weingartner Vario 700-8000 CNC Whirling/Milling Machine “Rotomill”, 220mm workpiece dimensions, 8,000mm between centers, 170mm X-axis (cross slide), 8,000mm Z-axis travel distance, milling head, SMW SO-ZS-040340X hyd. steady rest, hyd. work holding, SMW 3-jaw chuck, hyd. tailstock, Siemens Sinumerik CNC controls, S/N: 0280 (2011)

Doosan Puma 480 XLM CNC Turning Centers
Doosan Puma 2600LY CNC Turning Center, with Y-Axis, live tooling, 30.7″ swing over bed, 26.8″ swing over front door, 24.8″ swing over saddle, 14.8″ max. turning dia., 50.4″ max. turning length, 3.4″/3″ spindle bore/bar working dia., 3,500 RPM spindle speed, 5,000 RPM milling speed, travels: X-10.2″, Z-53.1″, Y-4.13″, C-axis indexing: 0.001 degree, 3.9″ tailstock quill dia., 12-station turret, SMW autoblock hyd. steady rest, hyd. tailstock, hyd. chuck, elevated chip conveyor, parts catcher, transformer, Doosan i Series CNC controls, S/N: ML0111-000325 (2012)

(2) Mori Seiki SL603 CMC/3000 CNC Turning Centers, with live milling, burnishing, 38.2″ swing over bed, 5.9″ tailstock travel, MT-6 taper tailstock, 122″ tailstock travel, 10.8″ spindle bore, 118.1″ max. turning length, 36.6″ max. turning dia., 129.9″ between centers, high pressure coolant, coolant through spindle, hyd. steady rest, 12-station turret, Mayfran elevated chip conveyor, Torit Donaldson mist collector, MSX-500III CNC controls, S/N: SL600FK0353 (2006), S/N: SL600FL0357 (2006)

Doosan Puma 480 XLM CNC Turning Center, with C-axis, live tooling, 12-station turret, 35.4″ max. swing over bed, 28.3″ swing over saddle, 120.7″ max. turning length, 25.6″ max. turning dia., 6.5″ bar cap., 7.2″ dia. spindle bore, travels: X-14.25″, Z-123.5″, C-.001 degree, 1,500 RPM spindle speeds, 2-speed gearbox, 60HP main motor, 4,000 RPM milling, 109.4″ tailstock travel, live tooling, 17″ SMW 3-jaw chuck, hyd. chuck, hyd. tailstock, Shunk hyd. steady rest, Hennig elevated chip conveyor, 12-station turret, Fanuc 32i-Model B CNC controls, S/N: ML0149-000125 (2014)

Mazak QTN 250-II “Quick Turn Nexus” CNC Turning Center, 26.57″ max. swing, 13.78″ turning dia., 19.85″ max. machining length, 3.46″ spindle bore, 3″ standard bar capacity, travels: X-7.5″, Z-20.25″, 20.75″ tailstock travel, A2-8 spindle nose, 4,000 RPM, 35/30 spindle motor, hyd. tailstock, 30″ 3-jaw chuck, 12-station turret, elevated chip conveyor, parts catcher, Mazatrol- Matrix Nexus CNC control with voice adviser, S/N: 202086 (2008)

Mazak Integrex 200-III 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers
Mazak Integrex 200-III 5-Axis CNC Machining Center, with live milling, 26″ max. swing, 26″ max. cutting dia. (chucking), 40″ max. length, travels: X-22.83″, Y-3.15″±, Z-41.14″, B-225 degrees, C-0.0001 degree, 2.99″ spindle bore, 2″ bar cap., A2-” spindle nose, 12,000 RPM rotary tool spindle speed, 5,000 max. RPM Spindle speed, 30/20 HP main motor, 40-pos. ATC, 8″ 3-jaw chuck, elevated chip conveyor, Mazatrol 640MT Pro CNC controls, Filtermist FX900 mist collector, 

Mazak Integrex E-650H CNC 5-Axis Machining Center, with live milling, 120″ distance between centers, 36″ max. swing over bed, 120″ max. turning/ cutting length, 36″ max. cutting/turning dia., 10.10″ bar cap., 10″ spindle bore, travels: X-40″, Z-133″, B—30–+210″, boring bar attachment, 10,000 RPM live milling, 850 RPM spindle speed, C-axis, Y-axis, 120-position ATC, high pressure coolant, coolant through spindle, elevated chip conveyor, Renishaw tool eye probe system, SMW autoblock hyd. steady rest, hyd. tailstock, hyd. chuck, Fox IFS WS1250 mist collector, Daken hyd. power supply, one shot lube, Mazatrol 640M Pro CNC controls, S/N: 181299 (2006)

CNC Lathe
Toolmex TUR930-MN/119 CNC Lathe, 114″ bed length, 20″ chuck, 8″ bore, tailstock, steady rest, Mayfran elevated chip conveyor, Fanuc Series 0i-TD CNC controls, S/N: 120502

Gun Drill
Entrust UNISIG M1180 CNC Deep Hole Gun Drill, 50″ x 64″ adjustable slotted table with 500mm max. depth, Thermal Solutions Dimplex HAV3000SR-SO high pressure coolant system, coolant filtration system, Nikken 20″ Mdl. CNCB450FA (2007) 4th axis rotary table, GE Fanuc 16i-M CNC controls, S/N: 1760

Wash System
Automated Cleaning Technologies Mdl. TCS 396 OD Automated Heated Wash System, 150 GPM pumps, Banner EZ-Screen safety light curtain, pendant controls, IDEC PLC operator interface, S/N: ACT463315 (2015)

Gorbel 1,000-Lb. Capacity Free Standing Crane System, 25′ x 25′, Harrington 1/2-ton cap. hoist, pendant controls

Gorbel 4,000-Lb. Capacity Free Standing Crane System, 18′ x 24′, Harrington 2-ton cap. electric hoist, pendant controls

Also Including
Steel Storage Systems, Roll Out Storage Racks, Mazak Ultra 550x CNC Horizontal Machining Centers, Lathes, Gear Hobber, Floor Scrubbers, Ovens, Transformers and Load Switches, Tanks, Lappers, Shot Blast Cabinets, Warehouse, Carousel and More!

Jacksonville, FL

CNC Lathes 
Okuma L1420 CNC Turning Center

Okuma LB25II CNC Turning Center

Heckmondwike Alpha 2900/1205

(2) Heckmondwike Alpha 460

Hones: Sunnen CV-618E Vertical,

Sunnen MBC-1804 E

Iron Worker: 
Schotchman 6509-24M 65-Ton Hydraulic 

Weld Positioners
Aronson HD-20A-PTVR2,

Aronson HD240A 

Gun Drills
Techni-Drill Mdl. GD-1.00-5-160 BTA-Ejector-Gundrill, With 15hp Hydraulic Units, Koolant Koolers Chiller, Lns Turbo HB Chip Conveyor, Heidenhain CNC Controls (2014)

Techni-Drill Mdl. GD-1.00-5-160-1 BTA-Ejector-Gundrill, With 15hp Hydraulic Units, Koolant Koolers Chiller, LNS Turbo Hb Chip Conveyor, Heidenhain CNC Controls, S/N: 7350-0213 (2013)

CNC Turning Centers
HAAS Mdl. SL-20T CNC Lathe with Tailstock, 71364 (2005)

Mazak Mdl. QUICK TURN 15N CNC Lathe, With Mazatrol T Plus Controls, 8″ Diameter 3-Jaw Chuck (No Tailstock), S/N: 114687

ABB Mdl. IRB 6600 M2004 Multi-Axis Robot, S/N: 66-58953 (2008)

MSC TYPE 09517202 Turret Lathe S/N: 2510006 (2011)

Boehringer Geared Head Engine Lathe, 26″ X 120″, With Inch / Metric Threading, 6″ Gap, 3″ Hole, 18″ Diameter 4-Jaw Chuck, Spindle Speeds To 1800 RPM, Steady Rest

Summit Geared Head Engine Lathe, 18″ X 80″, With 4″ Hole, 12″ Diameter 3-Jaw Chuck, Inch / Metric Threading, Spindle Speeds 22-1500 RPM, S/N: SR3253889

(2)  CP Machine Tools Inc. Birmingham Mdl. SY-1440 Geared Head Engine Lathes, With 10″ Diameter 3-Jaw Chuck, Spindle Speeds 40-1600 RPM, 3″ Hole, Metric Threading