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Schenck Model DH 13 Bearing Pedestals Balancer, 32.000-350.000 KG Maximum Rotor Weight, Approximate 20.00 MM Maximum Rotor Length, 8.000 MM Maximum Rotor Diameter, 4,500 RPM Drive Speed, 10.000 Inner Diameter of Tunnel, Rotor Weight Speed Per Pedestal 16.000KG Minimum, 3.000 MM Center Height of Bearing Above Machine Bed. This Unit Balanced Less Than 60 Rotors Over 7 Years., S/N: RTDR 0008 (2009)

Schenck Model DH 90 Bearing Pedestals Balancer, 4.0-80.0 KG Maximum Rotor Weight Capacity, 40.0KG Maximum Rotor Weight Speed Per Pedistal, 8.0MM Maximum Rotor Diameter, 4,500 RPM Maximum Drive Speed, 3.00MM Center Height of Bearing Above Machine Bed, 80 Degree C. Maximum Permissible Room Temperature, S/N: RTUB0354 (2009)

Schenck RoTec Model TW GR440 Pedestal Transport System, 400,000KG Total Load Capacity, 0-25 M/Min Traveling Speed, +/- 50M Traveling Distance, 50MM Approximate Lifting Height via Hydraulic Pistons, A120 Rail Type, Hydrostatic Drive System S/N: RTUB0855 Complete with (10) Rails 177" Long, (2) Rails 82.5" Long, 6' Gage, Pendent Controls, Hold-down clamps. (2009)

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Schenck Ancillary Equipment Consisting of:

Schenck Gearbox, 40000 Maximum Nominal Input Torque, 4500RPM Maximum Speed, 35000N Maximum Axial Thurst, 2,000-4,500 RPM Speed Range - Hydac Pumping Skid, Complete with (3) Kracht Model KF-5/200 H10B Gear Pumps, 200V/60HZ, 12,000#, S/N: 41565 (2009) - In Storage

Hydac High Pressure Pumping Skid, Complete with (3) Siemens 42.5KW 480V/3PH/60HZ Flow Pumps, 400 Bar Max. S/N: 21-918 (2009) - In Storage

Hydac Oil Mist Eliminator, Complete with VFD Interface, Chicago Model E4 Blower, 3564 Max. RPM, S/N: 304997-2 - In Storage

Vacuum Oil Pump Skid (Crated) - In Storage

Hydac Hydraulic Skid, Complete with EDS Control, Pressurized Tank 160 Gallon Capacity, Max. Oil Pressure Generating Unit, 12.6KW Electric Motor, 460V/3PH/60HZ, S/N: 4191.2 - In Storage

Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Company 2,000 Gallon Steel Horizontal Oil Tank, with Top Mounted Manhole , Welded Carbon Steel Construction, (3) Chromalox Cat. TMIS-06-008P-E1, S/N: 2024-03 (2009) - In Storage

Chattanooga Boiler & Tank Company 10,000 Gallon Steel Horizontal Oil Tank, Top Mounted Manhole, Steel Welded Construction (9) Chromalox Cat. TMIS-06-008P-E1, S/N: 2024-01 (2009) - In Storage